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As retailers continue to be under the pressure of ever tightening budgets, the GPX Group is helping to maximise sales whilst keeping the cost of shop display units as low as possible.

Tamworth, United Kingdom, September 3rd, 2010 New shop display units from GPX Group has changed the face of displaying merchandise around the shop.
For many years shop display units were considered little more than simply storage and relatively little thought went into choosing which shop display units would be most appropriate. For many retailers the primary considerations were cost and size, but today the retail industry is much more aware of the way in which shop display units can facilitate consumers engaging with products in a positive way.

Additionally it should also be noted that in today's cost conscious retail industry many retailers have implemented the false economy of choosing budget shop display units. The results of doing this is not only that the shop display units fail to engage consumers in a positive and effective way, but in many cases the shop display units themselves have become so worn or broken that they are unable to withstand being moved around the retail unit in order to accommodate new products.

The wide range of shop display units available from GPX Group manage to combine three key aspects. Firstly, the shop display units available from the GPX Group have been designed based on a quarter of a century's experience and understanding of the way in which the retail industry works. This means that the GPX Group shop display units help to maximise the visual impact of products. Secondly, the shop display units available from the GPX Group are rigid, durable and able to cope with the daily wear and tear which is to be expected in a busy retail outlet.
Finally, GPX Group is very well aware of the fact that retailers increasingly have to tighten their budgets, which is why all of their shop display units are available at highly competitive prices.

For more information about the wide range of shop display units available visit their website at http://www.gpxgroup.com/

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