07, June 2016: Before the appearance of S3 2 wheel electric self-balancing scooter, the twin- and single-wheeled scooter monopolised the whole market for scooter. However, the advent of S3 and S3T completely reversed the situation. The whole sector formally entered the age of two-wheeled scooter. Today, we will delve into the great popularity of Airwheel2-wheeled electric scooters.

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First of all, it takes no time to control it. The two-wheeled structure gave rise to a better ability to maintain balance. Even if the rider is a beginner, he could learn to steer the double-wheels electric scooter in no time, as long as he stands or sits on the board.


Airwheel S3, S5 and A3 double-wheels electric scooters are equipped with the standing boards, control shafts and handlebars, which enhance the ease of use. On that account, they quickly gained a widespread acceptance, even in works and production, especially the Airwheel S3. S5 came out as a personal AVT. It shares the same exterior design with S3, and some considerate modifications are added to S5, for instance the wing mounted on the front of S5, the headlights on the two sides and the foldable shaft.Based on the elementary structure of scooter, Airwheel originated another revolutionary model—A3 adopting the sitting-posture mode with a leather saddle. More advanced technologies are installed in A3, for example the electronic brake system, the hydraulic suspension and connection to the mobile phone.


The Airwheel S6, S8 and S9 two wheel saddle-equipped scooters are new arrivals to S series. Similar to A3 adopting the sitting-posture mode with a leather saddle, they own their own features. All of them can be ridden either in standing posture or in sitting posture. S6 is a mini self-balancing scooter, S8 is a faddish sitting posture self-balancing scooter and S9 is a robot base for further enrichment. There is no doubt that they enjoy a lager consumer base.

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