The Gregalicious, a social media and blogging brand built up by the entertainer and eccentric self-made thousandaire, Greg Alprin, continues to attract followers and loyal supporters excited for The Gregalicious’ next hilarious and eye-catching Instagram or website post.

Benefiting from the popularity and expanding power of having an interactive following on both Instagram and website blogs today, The Gregalicious continues to develop and release one-of-a-kind material that features food, drink, travel, and of course, funny socially relevant photos of what appear to be The Gregalicious at, with or of common pop culture icons.

“In a world ravaged by hard-to-digest news headlines, I strive to be a breath of fresh air for everyone out there who loves a good laugh, some whiskey, and a donut,” said The Gregalicious. “My passion is to share my quirks and laughs with as many people as possible — and Instagram, as well as my website, seem to be two great ways to get the job done.”

Greg’s Instagram account, @TheGregalicious, has thousands of loyal commenters who find his buoyant, eccentric, and totally unique sense of humor to be entertaining and intriguing. Posts recently uploaded by Greg include a photoshop job of his head onto a pregnant Beyonce’, life-sized donuts, and of course, Jameson next to a Starbucks cup.

“Is there anything more important in this life than Jameson and donuts, let’s be honest,” said Greg. “To complement my Instagram, I just added a Song of the Day category on my website for giving everyone a taste of my personal music preferences. I absolutely love reaching out and making people smile every day, and I look forward to interacting with more followers who find me and my quirkiness amusing.”

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