China — The Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology is the widespread laser technology achievement at home and abroad in recent years. The esoteric principles of holographic imaging and colorful flash effect have already won the favor of consumers around world. In order to let people know about this products and technology, the editor from website which is the official website of China¡¯s best supplier for hologram stickers would introduce with people the information about this technology.

The laser holographic is also known as rainbow hologram. The holographic technology is a class of holographic grating technology in optics. Its products are different from the general picture. It is not only reproduce the original image but also show different sides of the shape of the original items with different orientation. As the laser hologram image has magic color, lifelike images, big information content and can be large quantities copied, it has been widely applied in many enterprises and industries.

The workmanship of the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology is Destructive Hologram through the laser plate-making to produce the image on a plastic film which has colorful diffraction effects. This technology could let the image has two-dimensional and three-dimensional sense of space. In normal light environment, the hidden images and information will be reproduced. When the light shoots on the image with a certain angle, the hologram sticker will show a new image. This kinds of products with the hologram technique can be molded as large quantities as possible and the production is also low cost and can be used in conjunction with various types of printing technology.

As the experienced Security Hologram Label manufacturer, the has said that there are also some laser birth defects of these anti-counterfeit labels in its initial stages. In the initial stage of this technology, it only relies solely on production technology confidentiality and security controls to achieve the anti-imitated goal. So, this could be regarded as the simple observation class anti-counterfeiting technology. The main point is to see whether the observation gives people the holographic images or not and then people should see whether the pattern compliance with published patterns by manufacturers. However, the consumer can only distinguish carefully to compare two different versions of the holographic label. There are no effective technical methods which manufacturer could use to preventing the reusing of counterfeit labels. Furthermore, there are also no effective methods which could prevent the reusing of package which had been attached counterfeit labels.

Despite of these defects and shortcomings which have already existed in this technology and products, the development of coding methods could help manufacturer holographic stickers and labels largely enhance the security level.


Maybe you are very worried about the traditional hologram Security Hologram Label security technology. But, if you choose, this problem could be totally solved because their innovative combination of traditional technique and the new technology.

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