Beijing - The damping technology and friction strip are all the symbol technologies for the cheap soccer cleats. When people consider to purchasing the football shoes, they should take these two factors into account. So, today, the editor from online seller for top soccer cleats which website is would let people know more about the history of these technologies.

In the 1970s and 1980s, apart from the most famous Adidas, other companies such as Lotto, Reebok, Asics and Mizuno have also begun to enter into the market competition of the cheap soccer cleats. However, these companies for football shoes have also achieved good results. The America top soccer cleats manufacturer which name is Nike is the last one to enter into the market soccer shoes but now it has achieved remarkable market share. This kind of situation is very admirable. If people want to purchase the high quality Nike football shoes, the website would be the best choice for them.

In 1978, the inflatable air cushion had been first applied into the shoe making industry. After a very top soccer cleats short period of time, several major brands of football shoes companies had applied this technology to cheap soccer cleats and some manufacturers were also made ??reference to the automobile shock absorber plate design. They had also made the use of lightweight carbon fiber which is hard and fine. In the area of shock resistance technology, the Nike has already occupied absolute market dominance. They had first applied their cushioning technology which name is zoom to their famous cheap soccer cleats.

The second point is the friction strip. For example, in the United States World Cup of 1994, the Adidas Predator series had been grand debut. The upper bulge thick rubber friction bar has become the most representative form as Falcons logo of previous generations for this kind of shoes. The Predator series are by far the most representative of top soccer cleats. On the other hand, this kind of soccer shoes series is also shoes which the Adidas has devoted into. Since 2009, the Falcon series football shoes have been developed to 12th generation. However, the Falcons football shoes have already become synonymous of Adidas.

With the launching of the Falcon series cheap soccer cleats, two new designs have also born. These two factors soccer jerseys are the covered folding tongue and rubber foot part of the fin-shaped design. However, the famous football star such as Paul Gascoigne and David Beckham has also had an indelible achievement in the development of the Falcon series football shoes.

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