Birmingham - The tax of British real estate is one kind of local tax which would be collected by  the residence of the local government. According to British¡¯s law, all of people who have reached to 18 year-age should charge for aspirant the related tax for their buildings, bungalows, apartments, layered style living room, mobile home, boat house and other houses. This kind of tax would be very common among the house in UK such as Birmingham city centre apartments.

The property taxes of British should emphasis on the residents who enjoy the community services. This kind of property tax should be consistent with the nature of local taxes. As the only local tax of the UK¡¯s government, this tax would be shared by the city, county and area. This kind of tax would be mainly used for local government expenditure on public utilities.

The expert from website   has said that the specific location of housing has a certain  accommodation birmingham city centre  degree influence for housing valuation and price. The same house in England would have higher price in Scotland. Therefore, the house value of England, Scotland and Wales could be divided by specifies different areas. But, the calculation method would be the overall same. People could find that the price of accommodation Birmingham city centre should be lower than that in London.

However, in order to ensure the assessment fair of the value and price of the house, the local government of England would be in accordance with the way of ad valorem to collect property tax. Property¡¯s level would determine the price and value of the house. On the other hand, the level of property tax assessments would be charged by independent specialized agency which name is Assessment Board and the Evaluation Office of National Tax and Customs Authority rather than local government. Each level of housing property tax would be adjusted by every year. From the recent situation of the market of Birmingham city centre apartments, the tax for real estate has been increasing year and year.

Nowadays, most of young people prefer to rent in big city. This kind of situation is due to  landlord lettings  the highly price of the apartment in the major city. Comparing with the purchasing for the apartments such as Birmingham city centre apartments, the renting would be the best method for people to have their own home. Before the rent in Birmingham city centre, people should first collect enough information about the renting house on website glocal-residential.

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