Shanghai - All of people should know that, there is no heating supply in Shanghai's winter. This kind of situation has making a lot of foreigners become very uncomfortable. One of the manager from foreign enterprise whose name is Mike has said:"As long as I'm at home, the air conditioning should be opened all day long. Although the air conditioning is not good for the body health and even blew me dizzy, it would be better than the cold temperature." In contrast, the Korean people¡¯s approach should be very artful. The real estate which name is Belgravia Huashan Shanghai has been known as the famous Korean ghetto. The property agency which website is has said many Korean people in this apartment have installed the floor heating system. In general, the price of the floor heating system in 100 square meters should be arranged from 2 million RMB to 3 million RMB. The cost for this should be one thousand RMB per month.

However, why some of people from other countries are so picky? This situation would be not only related with their living habits, but also with their housing subsidies. If people¡¯s company would prefer to give them high housing allowance, the requirement of them would be relatively higher. But, when the employee of the housing agency has asked these people about the number of their housing, most of them did not want to answer this problem.

The Senior Manager of has given people some useful information about the housing Fraser Residence service apartment in shanghai allowance of their clients. According to the different nationalities and company positions, the housing allowance of multinational corporations to their expatriate employee could be divided various. The housing allowance of large European and American multinational corporations could be varied such conditions. The monthly housing allowance may be 1,000 dollars. The housing allowance for CEO level employee could be more than 10 thousand U.S. dollars. For married middle managers, the housing allowance from them is generally four or five thousand U.S. dollars per month. Most of these employees are prefer to rent high level apartment in Shanghai such as Tiziano Villa Shanghai.

Apart from the housing allowance of assignment employee of the Europe and America enterprises, the housing allowance of some Lakeville Regency xintiandi shanghai Asia employee such as some Japan enterprises is that the housing allowance of general manager in Japan enterprise is 2000 to 2500 U.S. dollars per month. Relatively speaking, the housing allowance of some expatriating employee from Southeast Asian countries would be relatively lower. All of these above situation is the basically condition of the housing allowance of foreign employee in Shanghai.

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