Shanghai — According to the searching data of website www. which is the professional property agency in this city, the sales volume of Shanghai second-hand houses in September has already reached to 28,292 units which increasing rate is up to 26.42 percent. For the detailed information, the average transaction price for these Shanghai properties such as Fraser Residence service apartment in Shanghai is 19,783 RMB for per square meter. The increasing rate of this price should be up to 9.22 percent. On the other hand, the market for renting in Shanghai is also very hot. People who come from another country should be not very easy to find such a good renting City Apartment in Shanghai.

As the speaking of consultant from www. which is the most popular Shanghai real estate agency, September has always been the hot season of Shanghai property market. In this year’s “Golden September”, the transaction volume and price for these Shanghai properties such as Lakeville Regency XINTIANI Shanghai has already set a new record comparing with the former record. At the third quarter of this year, the Shanghai second-hand housing market has already made all of people become amazing. The sales volume and price have shown a rising trend. Other factors such as banks tightening mortgage have also prompted buyers to quickly purchasing their own house. All of these situations have made the price of Shanghai house become higher than former. For the renting market, the renting fee has also had relatively rising.

In addition to the main selling channel for Shanghai real estate, the reaction of some property agency such as Tiziano Villa shanghai is also very good. According to the data of, the September traffic of consumers has already been added to thirty percent comparing to that of August. The market heat of this has had greatly rising. The transaction speed of cost-effective housing is becoming faster and faster. For the housing buyer, all of them are in good faith.

On the other hand, by the influence of the news of FTA, house prices of some benefiting regions in Pu Dong has risen up about 10-million RMB, while most of buyers could not bear this kind of rising. In that kind of situation, most of people especially for foreign people are expect to be able to quickly find a more cost-effective housing and finish the transaction as soon as possible.

From this year’s market performance, the transaction volume of Shanghai second-hand housing City Apartment shanghai would still remain at a high level. On this basis of this kind of situation, the “Golden September” situation will be continued. On the other hand, the situation in October will still show strong demand. However, the housing supply may be in short supply.

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