Once you are finally accepted into Law School and make the decision to attend, you must take your time in deciding which courses you are going to take. The academic track you choose to follow can have a large impact on your career as a lawyer later down the road. In this article, you will be able to learn more about two of the best academic programs a Miami Law School can offer you. One of them is the Human Rights Program and the other one is the Environmental Law Program. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of which program will suit you best.


The Human Rights Program at a Law School is meant for those students looking to be trained to become experts at accepting and defending the unalienable rights of every human while putting race, gender and socioeconomic status aside. During this program, students are able to participate at intercultural reunions, where all the details regarding the protection of human rights will be clearly explained by very experienced professors, many of whom have graduated from the nation’s top Law Schools. Students will also gain a deeper understanding of everything related to human dignity, including human-trafficking cases, a person’s right to privacy and criminal law. While the Human Rights Program at a Miami Law School can be very complex and challenging, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the best academic support ever.


A second very popular program at a Miami Law School is the Environmental Law Program. Environmental law focuses on issues such as global warming threats, how to fight against noxious emissions, how to clean our waters and how to prevent changes in our climate. As a student in this Environmental Law Program, you will explore the interaction of political, corporate and public interests and how they intersect. You will also learn about sustainability practices and how to implement them in our nation’s economic enterprises. Outside of the classroom, students will have the opportunity to visit environmental research facilities, both within Miami and outside of the country.


If, after reading this article, you find that you feel a sense of responsibility for the future of our planet and are interested in the field of law, then consider following the academic track offered by an Environmental Law Program at a Miami Law School. These programs need more students like you to help ensure that our children will be able to call this planet their home.

In conclusion, some of the most complex and challenging programs that you can join at the Miami Law School are the Human Rights Program and the Environmental Law Program.