29, January 2015: The inspiring Icelandic kid’s book – Draumálfurinn Dísa is about to enter the US market. The author, Sædís Sif Jónsdóttir — a 27 year old Icelander, author, life coach and mother of two toddlers has decided to share her personal experiences for the betterment of the future generation.

Sædís, who was born in 1987, had big dreams as a kid. Children are always burdened by insecurities and sensitivity. When Sædís experienced these emotions bubbling in her toddlers minds, she decided to keep the first step in empowering them; as a result, Draumálfurinn Dísa was written. The main character of the book, ‘Disa’ is the reflection of the author herself. Whereas the spider brothers of the book — ‘Mannie’ and ‘Dannie’ were based on the characteristics of her two sons Manuel and Daniel, ages 5 and 1. The English translation of the book will soon be published by the name Disa The Dream Digger, by SBPRA (Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency).

When she was a kid, Sædís was bullied at school for being obese. But her grandmother always lit the flair of imagination in the young Sædís’ mind. In her grandmother’s own words, “If someone has something bad to say to you, remember that most likely they are feeling so bad in their heart that they might feel the urge to put it on you.” In an urgent need to share these words of wisdom with the kids of today, she wrote the book Draumálfurinn Dísa for kids in Iceland. She believes that kids must be empowered at a very young age to believe in themselves and chase their dreams.

This enthusiastic young author is eager to reach children around the globe and spread this positive message. She plans to create app games and animated TV series to make this more fun for the kids. She has big goals and huge dreams. Just like her childhood dream of publishing a book came true, she wants her ultimate goal to succeed. Her Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign could be a great support in funding her projects and making them successful.

Sædís invites interested individuals and organisations to visit her facebook page at, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Disa-the-Dream-Digger/898583136819429 and her official website at, www.disathedreamdigger.com They also can contribute to her crowdfunding campaign at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/children-s-book-disa-the-dream-digger/x/9257777

To learn more on Disa the Dream Digger, please contact
Name: Sædís Sif Jónsdóttir
Address: Skólabraut 10 (250 Garður)
Telephone: 00354 8495950
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