USA - The Internet has already changed the original media environment. This kind of development has also  affect the market of the traditional TV media. In recent years, with the highly developing of the Internet, mobile phones and other digital media, the traditional radio and television and other traditional media should face with the increasingly severe challenge. The development of the internet media YouTube and online TV would be the persuaded evidence for this trend.

Today, the editor from website which is the best online TV site for US TV series would let people know the comparison of the attractive for advertising between the Internet and television.

First, from the aspect of cost, people could find that they should need to pay the price for purchasing TV and  Free tv series  maintenance costs for TV cable. For the contacting with the network, in addition to the purchasing for relatively expensive hardware settings, people should also need to pay expensive network fees.

Secondly, the requirements of individual capacity for TV and Internet are also different. The requirements of TV for the ordinary viewer are very low. But for the Internet, the requirement would be very high. However, people should have the certain level of knowledge and the operation method for how to use computer and the network.

The other factor is about the tolerance of people for advertising. The Internet uses such as the users for Free Tv Shows would have lower tolerance for advertising. This has already led to the limited creative space for advertising. The survey from website us tv has shown most of the internet users hate the pop-up ads on the window of the browser. On the other hand, most of people do not believe the ads on the Internet. The level of this kind of distrust would be determined by the level of people¡¯s educational background. However, most of people would prefer to believe the ads on television. This kind of situation could not be changed for a short period of time but the changing is near around.

However, for the long term perspective, the development prospects of network technology will allow the  Tv shows online  tradition TV quit this stage. However, so far, the influence of network to the traditional TV media advertising is still limited. This is only the problem of time. People could find the good example such as which is the best online site for all kinds of American TV Series. If people want to watch TV online, this would be the most suitable place.

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