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FIFA 16 had been released and today millions people are playing this amazing football game in daily basis. FIFA 16 official server has been swarmed by thousands active users daily and estimated more people out there are playing the game in offline mode. And with the amazing response from the market, it is no wonder as if many consider FIFA 16 as the best football game ever made in the market. There are many reasons why FIFA 16 is a great game. Aside of the significant improvement on the design and graphic, some improvements were also being made on several aspects to enhance the gaming experience players can get.

Many experts said that FIFA 16 is the most beautiful FIFA game ever created. Even compared to the previous series in the late year, FIFA 16 is outstanding in many aspects. It has better player movements can be employed with varies button combinations, while at the same time it has also realistic player faces that can be easily recognized even without being zoomed. And most importantly, FIFA 16 offers more challenging yet fascinating career mode known as FIFA Ultimate Team mode where players can build their dream team and to compete with fellow FIFA 16 players across the globe via online.

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