Shanghai - The laser pointer which is also known as laser pen the star pen is one kind of the light pointing equipment which has been designed by laser module which is portable and easy to be griped. The laser pointer is one kind of transmitter pen which could generate the visible laser. The commonly using laser pointers have included the red laser pointer which is 650 to 660nm, the green laser pointer which is 532nm wave length, the blue laser pointer which wave length is 445 to 450nm and blue-violet light laser pointer which length is 405nm. It would be usually applied at the occasion such as reporting, teaching and tour guiding. In these occasion, people would use reflect a ray of light or point to objects. However, it may corrupt or damage the navigation objects places such as art galleries and zoo.

However, the malicious using of this kind of laser pointer is extremely dangerous especially for the flying of aircraft. The laser pointer may let pilot be distracted at the crucial moment in the flying process. From the checking of MSNBC reports, there are more than 2,836 event of flight in 2010¡¯s records in United States Federal Aviation Administration. The expert from website which is the best online seller for laser pointer has said that the illumination of handheld green laser pointer is particularly serious.

There are also some seriously problems for people. The first should be the ocular trauma. The improper laser pointer using of laser pointer can cause temporary or even permanent vision damage of people¡¯s eyes. The straight looking to 5mW power laser pointer will cause into the temporary visual impairment. However, the more powerful laser will result in permanent impairment of vision or even blindness. This problem is very serious especially for little children. If child get this kind of device, they would random use the laser pointer in the daily playing with their little companions. In this kind of situation, the damage from the laser pointer would be easily occurred into the little children.

The second damage of the improper using of laser pointer such as green laser pointers should be the fire disaster which is the terrible accident in people¡¯s daily life. Some people would have the puzzle about why the little laser pointer could cause into the terrible fire disaster. It is true that the high level laser pointer can ignite the combustible materials which would cause into a big fire.

The laser pointer is the helpful device in people¡¯s daily life. However, the improper using for this device could also Alignment Laser cause into the unimaginable disaster. In that kind of situation, people should pay more attention to the application of this device in their daily life. If people want to have more knowledge about the laser pointer, they should browse the website

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