24, December 2014: Indigo Children is proud to announce their newly redesigned resource for Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Lightworkers around the world. This re-design reflects the maturing of Indigo Children, from the 4 year old, innocent child depicted with a purple aura, to the stylish, young adults they have become.

Indigo Child

The new Indigo Children website, created by founder Abby Oliver, moves away from being a resource for parents and elementary schools toward the Indigo Child themself. The focus of the Indigo Children website includes topics of meditation, sustainability and life purpose along with additional resources to increase quality of life and consciousness for those who walk this very special path.

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Abby Oliver shares, “Indigo Children are sensitive, intuitive, intelligent warriors with a life purpose greater than themselves. We create a healthy, conscious lifestyle to achieve that purpose. I never related to that imaging of a purple little kid, so I set out to accurately brand my experience. It’s sexy and dangerous with a heavy dose of consciousness.”

Because the Indigo Children have grown up and are beginning to make a major impact in the world through their healthy, conscious lifestyle, the Indigo Children website has become a resource to support them on their unique journeys. Many Indigo Children have struggled to find their place or feel as if they are unable to fit in with more traditional society. Oftentimes, they are diagnosed with ADHD or Autism and given prescription medications rather than nurtured and given creative outlets. These young adults will find comfort and the type of nurturance they need through the efforts of Abby Oliver and the Indigo Children website.

About Indigo Children:

Created by Indigo Child Abby Oliver, the Indigo Children website is a holistic resource that promotes health and conscious living. It has an emphasis of content for Indigo Children who are defined as sensitive folks with a warrior-like passion to live their greatest purpose in life. Abby Oliver shares her personal stories in order to humanize the story of Indigo Children throughout the world in order to improve their quality of life and increase their consciousness.

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