Beijing - If people have walking along the street of the modern city such as Pairs and Tokyo, they could often see some pet with the fancy dress such as dog clothes accompanied with their owner and the beautiful lady leading the way for their lovely Chihuahua. This kind of situation is very common in people¡¯s daily life. However, if people have ever walk around pets in some pet supplies store or browse the online shop such as for pet supplies such as dog apparel and dog shoes, they could find a wide range of pet fashion supplies with dazzling styles which is as much as the children's clothing boutique. The people who had bought the dog clothing for their beloved dog has said that the price of the pet supplies such as dog apparel wholesale is not less than the baby clothes.

The business for pet supplies such as dog clothes is indeed a deep-water lake. According to the statistics of Beijing Small Animal Protection Association, there are about 40 percent of the current Beijing homes have one or more pets such as cats, dogs, birds, fish and other different kinds of pets. However, the actual figure is far more than that. For other cities in China such as Tianjin, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu, the number of pets is very huge.

In this kind of situation, the business for pet apparel such as dog clothes dog clothes has become more and more popular. Ms Hu who is the pet fashion designation this industry of Beijing. From 2000, Ms had already found out the business opportunity from their pets and then she determined to enter into this business. At last, she has opened her own pet clothing store by the method of custom clothing. Ms Hu has said that she prefer to order the related good from website which is the best online seller for dog clothing and other kinds of wholesale dog apparel.

For the development of the dog clothing of Ms Hu, there has already had some interesting story. In the winter of 2001, according to suggestion of customer, Ms Hu has design one set of dog foot clothing. After the wearing for this kind of dog clothes, the dog owner could help dog protect dog's fur and prevent pet dog bringing the outdoor dirt to home. Such sanitary and convenient dog clothing has already changed the mind of most of pet owner about that the dog clothes is beautiful but without any actual function.

With the development progress of this industry, the dog clothes could dog clothing become the necessary thing for all of pet owners. If dog owner want to purchase the high end dog clothing, they could browse the website before.

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