Drilling and blasting method is still widely used to break the rock in domestic and foreign.

For the purpose of blasting, rock drill cylindrical cavity on rock called borehole or blast hole. Generally speaking, the diameter of borehole should be equivalent or less than 51mm, the depth should be equivalent or less than 5m,the diameter of blast hole should over 51mm and depth should be over 5m as well. Borehole blasting is mainly used for roadway excavation and shallow hole caving, gun hole blasting is mainly used for underground or open hole caving and so on.

Whatever for borehole or blast hole, for the point of view of all rock drilling, in the process of rock drilling, the changeable range of the diameter of drilling hole and depth is large, it is relative with the choice of drilling machine and tools. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the drilling diameter and depth.

It is well known that using machine to drill the rock, according with the tool work for the rock, it can be divided into rotary, impact, rotary - impact. Each way is corresponding with drilling machine and tools.

Top hammer rock drill tools are composed of rock drill bits, rod and shank.

Shank inserts the rock drill's rotating sleeve, impact energy, rotary torque and flushing medium through shank sleeve to pass to the drill rod and drill head. It should play a role to limit brazing solder tail lengths and prevent solder tail emerge from the sleeve. Solder tail type and size should fit with drilling machine.

Rod pass solder tail impact power, torque and rotary drill head flushing medium to rock drill bits, the type of rod and size should be compatible with the parameters.

Rock drill bits should afford solder tail impact power, torque and rotary drill head flushing medium from shank inserts and rod, at the end of hole to break rock directly rotary and remove the debris. The type of rock drill bits and size should match the type of rock drill, rock parameter, the type of drill rod and size, and so on.

For the rock drilling bits , there are some types to choose to meet different machine and rock.

Tapered button drill bits are widely used for drilling hard or very hard rock. In addition to tapered button drill bits, we also provide tapered cross drill bits and tapered chisel drill bits, as well as tapered drill rods, etc.

Carbides shaped drill bits come into three types, button, cross and chisel. Tapered cross drill bits have various taper degree and diameters. Apart from tapered drilling tools, we mainly produce threaded drill bits , down the hole drilling tools, taphole drilling and rock anchors, and so on.

Tapered drill rods are mainly used together with drill bits for rock drilling, blasting holes and other drilling works in mining, quarries, road construction, tunnel excavation and other similar projects. According to various applications, our drill rods come into a variety of lengths and taper angles. Apart from tapered drill rod, we also provide rock drill tools OEM according with the customers¡¯ requirement. More detail, contact with us.

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