When talking about an electrical contractor, we tend to think more about those who serve domestic customers. Commercial and industrial electrical systems appear to run so smoothly that we don’t even think that an electrical contractor could be required for these premises. However, commercial electrical contractors Oxfordshire and industrial electrical contractors Oxfordshire play critical roles in all the aspects related to electrical systems in commercial and industrial premises and they are actually called more into action than those electrical contractors who service domestic customers.


Installation is one of the major jobs that commercial electrical contractors Oxfordshire and industrial electrical contractors Oxfordshire perform. These professionals are not just called into action when an electrical system needs to be installed (in the case of a new construction), although this forms a large chunk of their work. These professionals are also called for other installation jobs including installation of electrical machinery, power distribution networks and three phase installation. All these installation jobs need expertise and hence, no one but an electrical contractor can do these jobs.


There are several other jobs that the commercial electrical contractors Oxfordshire and the industrial electrical contractors Oxfordshire perform for their customers. Some of these jobs include general repairs, periodic visits for maintenance purposes, designing and manufacturing of electrical control panels and power alterations. As you can see, all these jobs are specialized jobs that require the expertise and experience of these professionals. One of the other important jobs that commercial and industrial electrical contractors perform is breakdown support.


Breakdown is something that no commercial or industrial building can afford to do with. Take an airport for instance - it is one of the more common commercial buildings. You don't need to be told what would happen if the electrical system of an airport breaks down and there is no one to take care of it. The entire airport will cease to function and this could be a nightmarish situation for their airlines and their customers. As soon as there is a breakdown, one of the commercial electrical contractors Oxfordshire should be there to take care of the matter.


The industrial electrical contractors Oxfordshire largely work in the industrial sector where power breakdown is not an option. Every industry works like clockwork and power break means massive loss of production. Everyone but the workers would be happy if a factory doesn't have power for an extended period of time. Because industries need to work using heavy machinery, power outage situations are not uncommon. And the situation needs to be taken care of sooner than later. An industrial electrical contractor comes to the rescue in such situations.


There are many commercial electrical contractors Oxfordshire who also double up as industrial electrical contractors Oxfordshire. While there are certain differences in the jobs that these people do, there are many commonalities too. Typically, these people have years of experience and they have a proven track record of working on commercial and industrial electrical systems. So, it is quite evident that they should be called for these jobs.


Both commercial electrical contractors Oxfordshire and industrial electrical contractors Oxfordshire do specialized jobs for which only they are qualified.