The journey from contestants to judges.
Star Plus' show, Dance + Season 2 is all prepped up to dazzle the stage with their inquisitive dance styles. Not only the contestants are smashing the stage with their unique talent, but also the captains on the show Dharmesh Yelande, Shakti Mohan & Punit Pathak are now on the other fence.

Once upon a time all three went through the same clincher, the same struggle. But now that they all have proved themselves by dancing their hearts out on the same stage, it’s their time to sit back and give their expert comment to these contestants and map the country with many more like them.

When asked about their inhibitions about the same, Shakti Mohan said, "It gives me immense pleasure to sit on the other side of the stage — the judging side. I’m honored to have godfather of dance Remo sir to change my life and get me where I’m today. It’shim who has put India on world map of Dancing.”

On the same Dharmesh Yelande added, "Remo Sir has me made capable enough to sit on that chair and judge these contestants. Believe me, these contestants are top notch and breaking stereotypes by getting international dance style on the stage of Dance +. It's a complete delight to be witnessing and guiding such talents."

The newest member, Punit J Pathak also shared his emotions on finally being with his family (Dharmesh, Shakti & Remo). He said, "It’s strange when I see my journey of dance. As a contestant I always dreamt of sitting on that big chair and now the dream has come true through Dance + Season 2. It's a position which comes with responsibilities. And I'm going to put my heart and soul to make every performance and look into detailing of every contestant on the show,”


Dance + Season 2 commences 2nd July, every Saturday & Sunday at 8 pm only on STAR PLUS.

Atul Malikram


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