The new Helia 5 1.6-8x42i is next to the light-strong allrounder 2.4-12x56i and the compact driven hunt riflescope 1- 5x24i, the newest one of this product line and stands out as a powerful universal scope.

The Helia 5 1.6 8x42i is the first choice for hunters who want to be prepared ideally for as many hunting situations and for the maximum universality. The strengths of Helia 5 1.6 8x42i are primarily in short and medium shooting distances. A large high contrast field of view of 25.5 to 4.9 m/100m, a real 5x zoom and a lens diameter of 42 mm, offer in combination with the high twilight performance and the proven 4- Dot reticle with KAHLES automaticlight function, optimal allround characteristics.

The ergonomic design with an overall length of only 320mm and a height of 58mm, and an eye relief of 95mm, it is one of the most compact and at the same time safest riflescopes in its class. Through the functional and user- friendly design, it is also ideal for very low montages. The design of the 5 Helia is furthermore ideal for rifles with innovative plastic stocks and also for aesthetic hunting rifles with fine wood stocks. The KAHLES OILPHOBIC lens protective coating minimizes the adhesion of dirt particles and also facilitates significantly the purification of water stains, oils and natural resins.

If the quick shot at a driven hunt, detailed sight in the game, absolute safety and reliability for big game hunting, but also day/ night capability at hide hunting are required, then the Helia 5 1.6-8x42i is your first and best choice!

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