The Kapil Sharma Show tops the non-fiction category

- Races to number one show in Maharashtra on television —

- Sunday’s episode** is the highest rated episodes amongst reality shows of 2016 -


It’s celebration time for the cast of Sony Entertainment Television’s The Kapil Sharma Show! Since its launch, Kapil and his team have ensured a perfect weekend dose of entertainment for its ardent followers. Be it Kapil's unmatched wit, Sunil Grover's Rinku Bhabhi style singing and dancing, Kiku Sharda's Bumper Lottery avatar or Ali Asgar's Nani act, the audience have lauded the show making it one of the most popular shows on television. With the presence of some of the most renowned celebrities as Kappu's guests has only added to the fun factor.


The show’s ever-growing popularity and viewers’ love for artists is clearly visible from its ratings. The episode featuring the Sairaat team was the first time a Marathi movie was being promoted on a national platform and the cast and crew were thrilled about the same. Kapil’s fun interaction with the leads Rinku Rajguru and Akaash Thosar, their Marathi enactment of popular Bollywood dialogues and the popular zhingat dance had the audience glued to their television screens. The episode garnered 6649 (‘000) impressions, making it the number one show in non-fiction category. With 1980 (‘000) impressions, the show takes top slot in Maharashtra within HGEC. The laurels don’t end here. The episode is also the highest rated non-fiction episode in 2016 with a record breaking impressions of 8398 (‘000).