Minnesota, 12 August, 2014: The Native American tribe of Sioux/Dakota is one of the major tribe that have occupied what would become present-day US for a significant number of years. The said tribe has had a long and rich culture as well as history. It is the same history and culture that they have passed on to settlers who have come to build their community in what was once Sioux land. One of these communities happen to be the city of Long Prairie. 

As their motto implies, Long Prairie is a community best known for pushing the boundaries of their current situation. Aside from proactive community members, the city of Long Prairie is also known for a number of tourist attractions including the Veterans’ Memorial Park, the Christie House Museum, the Todd County Museum, and the Amish communities. Golf enthusiasts can also enjoy the Long Prairie Golf Course, while fishing enthusiasts would definitely be in love with the Lake Osakis. 

A trip to the city of Long Prairie is also never complete without experiencing the Long drive-in shows, the Classic Car Club Rally, and the Prairie Fest, among others. With so many places to go to and so many events to attend, you would need to make sure that you stay for more than a day or two. This, in turn, would mean that you have to make sure that you have a place to stay in. 

Fortunately, there are a number of hotels near Lake Osakis MN that you can consider for your trip. One hotel in Long Prairie MN that you might want to consider is the Budget Host Inn. Guests of the said hotel can enjoy a number of amenities including free high-speed Internet, use of the cable TV, and at-your-door parking. 

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