A new learning transfer methodology is making headlines in the business world. For too long, company bosses have paid thousands to train their staff. However, that training has not converted into tangible results. Training should always be a profitable endeavour. There is no point investing all that money in your team if it will not benefit your company. Thankfully, this new solution seems to cover all the bases. Indeed, that is why is has gained so much attention during the last few months.

At the current time, no less than 4150 participants have taken part in the program. All of them champion the results they achieved. You only have to check the Transfer Of Learning website to read testimonials. With conventional methods of training, only 10% makes its way back into the workplace. That means employers are essentially wasting 90% of the money they spend. That is a fact that needs to change soon. The company we’re discussing today seems to have the answer.

The learning transfer methodology is delivered through one-on-one conversations with the trainee. That happens at regular intervals after the their training program. Reflection techniques are used to show the employee how their knowledge can help your business. Putting the information into context is something most training providers fail to manage. The experts working for this company go the extra mile. They take the time to learn about your operation. That is done to ensure they offer a tailored approach.

There is no need to change your current training process to use the services provided by this brand. Professionals employed by the company will work with your methods. They will also create bespoke packages based on your operation. No boss should ever waste money on training again. For the benefit of everyone, courses will have the full impact. That is the case when they are used alongside the learning transfer methodology.

Anyone who would like to learn more about the company can use the contact details. Alternatively, you might like to visit their website and take a look around. There are currently numerous offices in different locations around the world. So, you are certain to find one on your home continent. All phone numbers and addresses for global offices are listed on their website. Just click the “contact us” button at the top right-hand side of their page.

Regardless of the nature of your business, this new methodology could help you to progress. It certainly offers a vast improvement compared to the techniques used previously.

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