USA - With the more and more fiercely market competition, the supermarket industry has already entered into the era of little profit. In that kind of situation, the problem about how to reduce operating costs has become very important factor for all of retail businesses. The huge cost of electricity has already become an important part of the supermarket¡¯s cost. The project about how to control the cost of electricity should become the key point about the energy-saving of supermarket.

The lighting experts from website which is the best online seller and manufacturer for led lighting and 12V DC power supply has already pointed out that the electricity consumption has accounted for 70 percent of lighting costs. In that kind of situation, the application of energy-saving products such as LED bulb is real way to help people achieve the low-cost. In order to save the lighting energy, many large supermarkets have set their sights to led lighting.

The led lighting should be the fourth generation of new green energy. With the help of government, enterprises led light strip and other promotion, the market of the LED lighting market has been gradually opened. However, the commercial lighting, office lighting and home lighting still have large space to be developed. For the perspective of the lighting of supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, Vanguard, New World Department Store, Ito-Yokado, Wanda Plaza, Rainbow Mall and other brands, all of them have already adopted LED lighting but the vast stores are still in the application of the low end LED lighting which could not fully exert the advantage of led light.

It has been understood that most of supermarkets and shopping malls could still apply the ambient lighting lamps and light sources which have used the energy-saving lamps and they are gradually try to apply the LED lighting products such as led light strip and led spotlight. From the point of view of LED energy-saving, the energy-saving effect of the LED bulb is remarkable.

For example, the super marker such as Wal-Mart and Honeywell has already starting led bulb their energy-efficient lighting solutions in 2008. These two mall enterprise has already provided provide its supermarkets for the main lighting, freezer lighting, fresh lighting, outdoor advertising lighting and other most advanced and comprehensive LED lighting products and solutions. From the former interview, one major Wal-Mart¡¯s annual savings of electricity should be nearly 100 million kWh. The effect is very obvious. this could tell people that the energy saving effect of the Supermarket¡¯s LED lighting retrofit is remarkable and obvious. All of people should consider this as good news.

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