The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon range is the perfect low-energy solution for both residential and commercial uses. The products help to import and export fresh, clean air without using a lot of energy in the process. There are several different types of Lo-Carbon products available that can be of assistance when it comes to conserving energy in your home or office. There is the Lo-Carbon Residential range, the Commercial range, the Systems range, the Sentinel range and the Air Handling range - all now available.

The Lo-Carbon Residential range can be considered an improvement over the other residential unitary fan ranges as this one is much more energy efficient. Vent-Axia is able to provide residents of the United Kingdom with the complete product range that complies with all of the building regulations that were put into effect in 2010. The Lo-Carbon Residential range offers SFP (specific fan powers) of below 0.5 W/l/s which can help you save you up to at least 90 per cent of the energy that is normally used with traditional extractor fans. So it is easy to see why so many people have switched over to using this highly powerful and fuel-efficient Lo-Carbon residential range, available to filter your bathroom, kitchen and utility rooms with ease.

The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Commercial range products continue to do well and provide commercial businesses all over the UK with lower energy costs and solutions. The wide selection of Commercial products includes the Sentinel Kinetic Plus, the T-Series panel models, the T-Series roof models and the T-Series wall models. The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon T-Series of ventilation equipment guarantee that you will benefit from high-performance products, and the exclusive designs help to ensure that you receive the best ventilation system for your money.

The Lo-Carbon Systems range is full of products that are designed to combine all of the durability that you can expect from products with the powerful energy efficiency that a lo-carbon system can provide you with. With all of the renewable heat pumps and heat recovery systems that Vent-Axia has to offer it is no wonder why all of the domestic and commercial ventilation ranges are so highly trusted by customers across the UK - who can also turn to the manufacturer for their smoke fans and air conditioning needs as well.

The exclusive Lo-Carbon Air Handling range includes the Viking XP Modular, the Viking FB range and the eViking Air Handling Unit range. These air handling products are available as brand new or refurbished models. These centrally-ducted systems can help to manage the supply, flow and extraction of air into large commercial spaces such as office buildings, retail stores, leisure centres and school systems as well as many other institutions that provide services to the public. If you own a building that needs to be air-conditioned, and you want to save money and help save the environment at the same time, then perhaps it's time you turned to the experts at Vent-Axia.

Vent-Axia manufactures ventilation, heating and air conditioning products. Its Lo-Carbon range is designed to be extremely energy efficient, making it suitable for those who want to save money and help the environment.