UK - According to the financial weekly reports, the expansion trend of the market of Louis Vuitton Bags in recent years has also revealed characteristics of FMCG industry. One tear ago, LV has high-profile claimed that they would exceed the layout strategies in China¡¯s first and second class city, They planned to station in third-tier cities to gain a higher market share. The expert from the website which is the best online seller for authentic louis vuitton bags and louis vuitton purses has said that the expansion would be extended to three and four -tier cities of China. However, this kind of news would be good news for people who like the brand LV but without enough money to purchase the genuine one of louis vuitton purses and bags. However, after this kind of changing they would have the opportunity to purchase the real discount Louis vuitton handbags.

Although the economic climate is not good, LV has still chosen the expansion which could let them grasp more market share. Compared with the FMCG industry, it is easy to find similarities between them. Three major features of FMCG industry are the convenience, visualization products and low brand loyalty. A large area of conquering, controlling terminal channel would be the necessary requirement for the FMCG industry. However, the main factor which could affect the success of this kind of industry would be enough and effective channels of distribution rate control.

The expert from website has said that the LV would certainly take the popular route. In that case, people could louis vuitton purses not call it the luxury brands. The new strategy for the selling of Louis Vuitton Bags would relate to the huge amount which could be helpful with their rapid expansion. However, the luxury is a relative concept. On the other hand, the top niche customized brand can be called the real luxury commodity.

On the other hand, the fake goods for the LV such as louis vuitton handbags and louis vuitton louis vuitton epi bag purses are also in various. This kind of situation could seriously affect its brand image. This kind of phenomenon has resulting in that China's wealthy class has gradually abandoned LV. This kind of people could not accept the degree of LV and they even though that the LV product would let their lost their face. So, the position of LV brand in China is very dangerous.

However, there are still a large number of people who would also regard the LV products such as discount louis vuitton handbags as their favorite. If people are interested in these kinds of products, they could browse the website

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