Los Angeles, CA; 18, December 2015: Dr. David H. Watts brings to the writing desk a deep understanding of human nature, a familiarly with the biological mechanisms of the human body and a fascination with the quirky thought processes of a personality under duress. The Lucifer Connection is a tightly written, gripping page-turner that is already gathering high praise from readers, reviewers, and Hollywood producers alike.

The Lucifer Connection

The highly acclaimed, The The Lucifer Connection begins when a new patient comes to see a young doctor and dies an hour later. What appears to have been just a simple case of the common flu becomes a mystery killing so ingenious that to solve it requires a shrewd detective-like mind and an intimate knowledge of medical science. To save his own hide the doctor has to enter the investigation, a reckless act which leads him through the maze of Hippie Culture, the dark practices of a Satanic Church, the idiosyncrasies of the San Francisco Police and exposure to great personal danger.

Jack Barnstone is an outside-the box doctor fresh out of Texas where he left behind a shattered relationship and a reputation for renegade behavior among his colleagues. He opens a practice in San Francisco near Chinatown just at the beginning of the 1967 Summer of Love. Among his first patients is a man who appears to be coming down with the flu but dies an hour after leaving his office.

The doctor finds himself implicated in the investigation that follows but because the method of murder involves an advanced knowledge of medical science the police are slow to make progress. Barnstone realizes that to clear his name and avoid possible conviction in a blatant miscarriage of justice he has to become involved.

His only reliable friends in this new city are a flamingly gay classmate from medical school who is now an assistant Coroner and a newly met Hippie chick with hidden talents she’s running away from. Together they embark upon a hero’s journey into the unfamiliar territory of criminal investigation, all the while dodging the malignant attempts to impede progress perpetrated by the criminals who orchestrated the crime.

The process of investigation that ultimately succeeds in solving the mystery requires that our protagonist immerse himself in Hippie culture, attend a Satanic church following a lead, and research similar crimes in the city attempting to understand the illusory murder weapon. Along the way he is given unexpected support and rescue from the Chinese underground and the hidden martial art capacities of his talented new girlfriend.

From the variety and depth of his accomplishments, Dr David H. Watts is himself, a doctor who teaches and presides over a practice of medicine at the prestigious UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. He was living in San Francisco during the Summer of Love so he brings to the writing of this book familiarity with the aura and tenor of the time together with a deep understanding of medicine. His previous books include two collections of short stories published by Random House and The University of Iowa Press, seven collections of poetry, four anthologies of poems and several essays including one on humanistic medicine published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

About David H. Watts:

Dr. David H. Watts is an accomplished musician, a well-known TV and radio host, and producer of documentaries for PBS and other networks. He teaches poetry and creative writing at the From Institute of San Francisco. You can follow Dr. David H. Watts on his facebook page.

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