China - The stringing block is one kind of simple lifting machinery for vertical lifting of heavy objects. This lifting device has been widely applied into the areas of people¡¯s daily life such as construction, mining, fishing, electric supplying and others. Without the help of the stringing equipment, human beings need to put in unimaginable amounts of labor force into their working process. However, the creating of this lifting machine has already helping people save many human force labors. The professional engineer from Ningbo Dongfang Machinery Of Power Co., Ltd ( ), which is the leading China manufacturer for this type of lifting equipments, will tell people main categories of this equipment.

In summary, the classification of products from Ningbo Dongfang could be mainly divided into manual and electric.

The manual stringing equipment is operated by human force. People should first pull the steel chain or robe and then the chain or robe will be driven by a worm gear reel which could control the lifting of the heavy objects. In a word, the heavier the loading of objects the greater the braking torque would be so that people could have full confidence for the safe and reliable of this equipment. If people want find the related product from, the Nylon wheel aluminum stringing equipment should be the best example. This kind of equipment could be suitable for lifting tower, overhead lining, equipments lifting and other operations of the heavy objects. The features of it could be concluded into light weight, good wearing resistance of wheel, non-damage to steel wire rope and other types of rope.

The second type of this equipment should be the electric stringing device. This kind of equipment is mainly consisted of the Gear mechanism driven by electric motors, steel wire rope reel and hook pulleys. The inside space of its the steel rope reeling tube which is connected with the electrical motor and gear drive mechanism with braking function. The upper part of the intermediate housing has been equipped with the special lug. After hanging the heavy object, it could be used for vertically lifting heavy loads. Furthermore, it can also be hung on the transporting trolley and become the running style loading trolley traveling along the overhead track, which could be used for delivering raw materials between workshop and workshop.

In addition to above Anti twisting braided steel wire rope , the also has many other types of this equipment which could meet with any environment and loading condition. If people want to have fully knowing about their products, please visit website and their customer service will help you know everything you want to know.

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