China - What are main efficacy and roles of the Lotus Seed Powder? The Lotus Seed Powder from famous China supplier NatureFlo contains richly calcium, phosphorus and potassium content. In addition to constituting component of bones and teeth, these elements could also promote blood clotting, make certain activating, maintaining nerve conduction, calming nerves, maintaining muscle flexibility and heart rhythm and so on. Although the tasty of the Lotus Seed Powder is a little bit bitter, it has a significant cardiac effect and can expand peripheral vascular, lower blood pressure. On the other hand, the Asparagus Stem Powder could also help to release body adversely factors which could help to treat mouth sores and helps enhance the sleeping effect. Now, the editor from famous Lotus Seed Powder supplier NatureFlo will introduce with people the detailed effect of this natural plant extracting elements.

The first effect is better anti-cancer. The lotus has good enough effect to supplement people¡¯s internal organs and promote the circulation of meridians and blood. The lotus seeds contain alkali oxide yellow which has good inhibition of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. All these constitutions of the lotus have good anti-cancer nutrition and health functions.

Secondly, the content of the Lotus Seed Powder has good function to releasing the blood pressure. This is because that the lotus contain non-crystalline alkaloid that name is N-9 which has very good hypotensive effect.

Thirdly, the inner element of the lotus owns the function of cardiac nerves. The lotus core contains richly alkaloids which have significant cardiac effects which could help people enhance the function of heart.

On the other hand, the lotus contains very excellent elements which name is raffinose. This elements should be very good tonic for people in all ages. For people who have chronic illness, postpartum or elderly physically weak, this is commonly used nutrition which could recover their normally health condition. The lotus base also could play the role of stabilize the men¡¯s libido . For these younger who have more dream, frequent nocturnal emission or other related phenomenon, eating more Lotus Seed Powder could help them get very good result to eliminate these phenomenon.

Overall speaking, there are also many other kind of strong healthy effects of the Lotus Seed Powder. If people could eat this health natural plants extractor everyday, they will get very good hygiene effect. For more information, please get contact with famous supplier NatureFlo.

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