UK - The Jaw Crusher, which is the most important industrial equipment in the mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry, has been consisted of the movable jaw and static jaw. The function of this kind of equipment is to crush the ore and stone which would be used in the industry area. It has playing an important role in industrial area. No matter what kind of machine, the machine maintenance is very important factor in the application of the machine. Today, the machinery engineer from which is China famous stone crusher and ball mill manufacturer would let people know the maintenance and repairing for the crusher.

The most crucial maintaining method for Jaw crusher should be through the lubrication. There are many attentively points about the stone crusher lubrication for crushing machine. The first factor should be that people should pay more attention to the lubrication of friction surface which could help people making sure the normal operation of the machine and extend its life. Second, the lubrication oil or grease which would be used for jaw crusher should be based on the location and the temperature conditions. Under normal circumstances, the calcium, sodium and calcium grease should be the better choice for the jaw crusher lubricating. Thirdly, the volume of adding grease for crusher bearing should be about 50 percent of the inner space if bearing. On the other hand, people should replace the lubrication oil for every 3 to 6 months. On the other hand, people should also regularly check the operating condition of each part of jaw crusher. If there is any informal condition of the operation, people should quick consider the repairing.

The second part should be the repairing for jaw crusher. In order to ensure the normal operation of jaw crusher and other crushing equipments such as mobile crusher and impact crusher, people should not only have normal operation but also should carry out the proper maintenance plan which has included the routine maintenance, minor repairs and overhaul. The main content of the normal checking and repairing has mainly included the minor repair, fixing and the device adjustment which has contained the adjusting for the discharge size. On the other hand, people should regular replace the worn plate, checking the transmission parts and lubrication system and changing the lubricating.

For the overhaul repairing, people should consider the replacement for the main jaw plates and the main mobile crusher shaft of the crusher. The repair cycle for this kind of repairing should be generally 1 to 2 years. However, if people want to know more about the knowledge about the stone crusher, they could click the URL of website

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