China - How to better match the Wedding Dresses 2014 and jewelries? If there is no so expensive jewelry, it does not matter, people could only try their best to better match their dress and their cheap jewelry perfect then they can still show anti charming style in the crucial occasions. However, people should first remember that the selection of the suitable jewelry for wedding party dresses should be the most crucial principle. On the other hand, each beauty should not cover their body with too many shiny little things. Although this idea is attractive, it will let the style of wedding party dress be ignored. Now, the editor from famous wedding dresses 2014 online seller will introduce with people some matching styles of wedding dresses and jewelries.

Western-style modern white wedding dress and white jewelry

The traditional wedding occasions all choose white color as the main theme color of the weddings party. The best matching jewelries for these white wedding dresses 2014 should be the silver jewelry, diamonds, platinum jewelries, crystal, pearls and others. The matching for these two parts is very freely.

Simple wedding dresses and practical jewelries

For these brides who will enter into the marriage hall but do not have enough finance for wedding party, they could choose the wedding dresses with simple and practical style. At the same time, the wedding jewelries for these wedding dresses should also be the style of pragmatism, which will be very understated, classic and comfortable to wear. Each people should remember that the clever design and minimalist style could also the artistic beauty.

Colorful dresses and Ethnic jewelry

The wedding ceremony and Mother of the Bride Dresses which are filled with various colors will be fitted by the light colored jewelry. If brides are people with highly personalized characteristics, their selection for the jewelries could be very freely and fearless especially for the colored gemstones which could be best for them to show off the wizard-like bride. So, some of ethnic style jewelry can be considered by these people.

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