Beijing - In the summer season, the designer sunglasses such as Cartier glasses would be the most commonly commodities among people¡¯s daily life. Whether men or women, they all want to purchase one pair of most suitable sunglasses such as Karen walker sunglasses. If they want to achieve this kind of goal, they should first check whether the shape of the sunglass such as chrome hearts could be matched with the shape of people¡¯s face shape. This point is very important for the selection of the sunglass.

Al of people should know that there are many sorts of people¡¯s face shade. According to these different sorts, the purchasing guide from website which is the best online seller for designer sunglasses and other women sunglasses would let people know the matching principle between the face shape and the shape of the sunglass. The right kind of sunglass would have well modified function to people¡¯s face shape.

The first kind of type for people¡¯s face should be the round face. This kind of face should need the womens sunglasses modification of the sunglass with the linear or angular frames to weak the profile of face. On the other hand, people should also apply the lenses with the color in deep and subtle sense to reduce obesity feeling. This would make the face of people look more exquisite.

The second point is for the square face which is the opposite type of the round face. For this kind of face, people should choose some rounded and streamlined frame to set off people¡¯s extraordinary uninhibited temperament.

The third should be the triangular face. If people have this kind of face shape, they should try to avoid using the sunglass such as large frame , square frame , because it will become the face wider at the top , with a fine frame, round frame , bright colors for the best.

The oval shape face is very commonly. For this kind of face shape, the editor from website has said that this face shape would be much more suitable for any kind of sunglasses such as Cartier glasses. However, people should pay more attention to the size of the sunglass.

The last kind of face should be the rectangular face which should be suitable for sunglasses such as Karen walker sunglasses with the large size frame sunglasses. This could help to recover the small drawback of the long face. This could let the face shape look more delicate.

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