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United States — Since its inception in the 1970s, Ethernet has emerged as the primary technology for LAN and IEEE standard communication mechanisms. The system has provided significant improvement over the previous slow speed data connectivity and has brought down the overall cost of implementation through various communication networks. However, at the heart of the mechanism lie the very capable slip ring solutions that make the Ethernet as efficient as it is.

Moflon has been in the field of producing quality slip ring solutions for over three decades. The constant evolution of design and from the company makes it possible for the various Ethernet solutions to meet the challenges of crosstalk control and manage losses during multi niche data and power combinations.

Moflon’s ME series is the latest in the field of Ethernet slip ring solutions. The series has been developed consistently with the company’s quality standards and it is designed to provide reliability during the transmission of Ethernet protocols through the mechanism of rotating surfaces. The advantage of the ME series over other niche players are huge. The series has been specifically configured for the very latest in Ethernet transmission technology. The slip rings help propagate the direct plug and play Ethernet connections that are so popular currently. The ring designs have been enhanced to provide higher performance through contact technology. You can avail multiple combinations with this series — power or signal or plug and play Ethernet.

The company uses specific parameters to establish the signal to noise ratio of the line of transmission and balance the BER or the bit error rate. Moflon has been a niche leader with their constant development of various slip ring solutions for not just critical Ethernet technologies but fiber optics, wind power, bore, capsule and pancake.

The team of highly trained slip ring designers on board with the company has been consistent in producing the latest series of Ethernet slip rings that cater to a wider range of applications in the field of Ethernet communications.

The series comprises of:

ME2100 series: This includes the ME2121 and ME 2122. They can be used on both stator and rotor for electrical connections and they come with colour coded lead wires for ease of installation. Longer lead lengths are also available to increase the performance power of the Ethernet communication.

ME2250 series: This includes ME 2251 and ME 2252.The model is military grade and can be used for high-speed data transmissions via Ethernet as well as EtherCat. They can combine more wires with the 1-96 Ring design. Longer lead lengths are available for better performances.

ME2380 Series:  It includes the ME 2381 and ME 2382. It offers assistance for signal, Coax and power combinations. It is fully compliant with shock, vibration and temperature qualifiers of the industry. It can withstand high temperatures of up to 450 degrees.

ME2500 series:  Includes ME 2501 and ME 2502. The pneumatic and hydraulic capability of the design makes it an ideal match for heavy-duty commercial uses. It is military grade and is compliant with the industry best quality standards.


Moflon has been a niche player for Ethernet slip rings for over 30 years. The company has produced quality products consistently and spearheaded constant development of new designs for new versions of industrial production machinery.

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