(Free Press Release) To guarantee the quality of the air duct profiles (MEZ FLANGE SYSTEM) of MEZ-TECHNIK, compliance with leak tightness classes C and D was tested by an independent TÃœV-certified testing laboratory according to EN 1507 at the end of 2009. The results went far beyond the required leak tightness values.

For decades, MEZ-TECHNIK GmbH has been supplying air duct builders in Germany and abroad with high-quality air duct profiles with and without injected sealant. Long before energy efficiency became the talk of the town, the ventilation specialist of Swabian Reutlingen recognised the trend towards increasingly higher requirements on the leak tightness and stability of ventilation ducts and the resulting energy savings. Ahead of all its competitors, MEZ-TECHNIK developed market-adapted air duct profiles with injected sealant, which it has continued to improve over the past decades. Only now more than 30 years after the product innovation have more and more competitors started to enter the market with imitation products and attempt to market them as an innovation.

To guarantee the quality of the air duct profiles of MEZ-TECHNIK, they have been subjected to regular independent testing for decades. The MEZ-FLANGE SYSTEM with injected sealant was thus the first air duct profile to obtain certification according to TM1 and DW142 from the English BISRIA Institute as early as 1988. In the years that followed, the profiles of MEZ-TECHNIK were tested according to DIN 24194 Part 1 and certified by SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association).
Since the end of 2009, the air duct profiles of MEZ-TECHNIK with injected sealant have also been tested for leak tightness class C by an independent TÃœV-certified test institute according to the requirements of EN 1507 (EUROVENT 2/2 or DIN 24194 Part 2). The MEZ-FLANGE-SYSTEM went far beyond the required leak tightness values. With proper sealing, the MEZ-SYPHON-FLANGE profile with injected sealant even achieves leak tightness class D.
The clear quality advance has been made possible not least due to decades of experience at MEZ-TECHNIK, as well as constant investments into research and development and all that at absolutely competitive prices.

Customers are particularly enthused by processing properties that have been judged to be clearly better than those of the competition. The sealant used by MEZ-TECHNIK always stays flexible and thus enables an easy application of the profile frames to the duct. Cold temperatures, for example, if the profile stock is kept outdoors or in badly heated factory halls, have no influence on the handling of the MEZ-TECHNIK air duct profiles. In addition, the fact that the sealant used is not flammable and can be constantly exposed to a heat of up to 110 °C is frequently a deciding factor in the choice for this profile.
An often-underestimated factor for the leak tightness of the air duct systems is the stability of the frame profile used (cf. CCI 2005; "Materialschlacht um jeden Preis?" (The Battle for Materials at Any Price)). While many manufacturers have been using increasingly thinner sheet metal for the manufacturing of air duct profiles for cost reasons, MEZ-TECHNIK relies on constant material thickness in the interest of quality and its customers. On the one hand, this leads to a considerably higher stability of the air duct frame and thus to a higher leak tightness of the air duct system, while, on the other hand, the required change from System 20 to System 30 or from System 30 to System 40 is delayed, which reduces the material costs for customers and puts any extra costs for high material thicknesses into perspective.

In the next few years, the trend towards increasingly higher requirements on the leak tightness of ventilation systems will certainly intensify. To be able to guarantee leak tightness, it is important to use high-quality air duct profiles. Particular attention should also be paid to the material thickness of the air duct profiles since its influence on the overall efficiency of a plant is quite often underestimated.

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