People benefit from riding Airwheel X series scooters by exercising the coordination of different body parts to keep a good balance while riding on the single-wheeled self-balancing scooter. X series scooter resembles bicycles in keeping balance by twisting the body, while at the same time, differentiates from traditional bicycles by leaning back and forth to move ahead. This special kind of riding will definitely advance riding skills and body accclly building-up opportunities. Unlike Airwheel X series scooter that requires riding skills and better physical coordination, Airwheel Q series twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter provides an easier way of riding due to its twin-wheeled designs for wider contact area. And Q series is well welcomed by those female riders who love body-building.

Then comes the Airwheel S series two-wheeled electric scooter which minimizes the difficulty in balance keeping, providing a simpler way of Airwheel riding. S series is beneficial to advance people’s reaction speed since riders are informed of real-time data of the running scooter in order to better control it. The large-sized display screen is able to provide better vision experiences for riders. Because of the two handles as well as the display screen, riders can feel a steering experience during riding with Airwheel S series scooter. For those elder riders who cares about both physical and mental exercising, riding Airwheel S series scooter not only is simple and safe, but also helps to promote their reactions ability.

In terms of the newly released Airwheel A3 self-balancing scooter, a new way of healthy Airwheel riding is born. A3 supports sitting-posture riding with its humanized design for better and more comfortable experiences. In spite of the seemingly similar designs with traditional scooters, Airwheel A3 can also be controlled by leaning back and forth and easily be regulated according to the data transmitted to a specially designed App in the rider’s smartphone. Even though A3 is designed to support sitting-posture riding, A3 has simplified the entire riding experience and realized the long-distance travels with environmentally-friendliness as well as labor savings, which prevents riders from laborious riding and contributes to body-building at the same time.

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