19, October 2015: In recent days, Airwheel Technology has released the first Airwheel two-wheeled model, the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S3. S3 came as a breakthrough in the whole sector of scooter. It breaks the stereotype of the previous model in the public mind. The previous model gives a fixed impression that all electric scooters should be designed as the single- or twin-wheeled mode. S3 changed the fixed impression and presented itself as a two-wheeled one before the public.


Why S3 has to come out into the market for scooter? In previous market, the electric single- and twin-wheeled scooters like Airwheel X3, X8 and Q5 predominated in the sector. Although the single-wheeled scooter boasts its excellent agility, steering it takes some doing. The subsequent twin-wheeled scooter turned around the situation, but with limited success. As for a beginner, it still costs half an hour to mater the riding of the twin-wheeled scooter. Against the background of the adamant cry for the easier-to-ride scooter, Airwheel Technology rolled out the two-wheeled scooter S3.

As soon as Airwheel S3 went into the market, it caused a sensation in the whole sector. A good many scooter-lovers swooned over S3. To keep such high momentum, Airwheel Technology pushed other two-wheeled self-balancing scooters S5 and A3 after soon. S5 is a graded version of S3. S5 and S3 share the same frame. What the two differ in is their performance. S5 is more powerful and able to cover a longer distance than S3. The A3 is a brand new mode. It adopts the sitting-posture riding mode. One could as ride as sit on the leather saddle of A3. However long the trip is, the rider will not feel a shade of fatigue.


S3 and the subsequent S5 and electric scooter A3 represent the most advanced technology and design of Airwheel Technology the whole sector will experience a sea change just on that account. There is more scintillating thing in store for the masses.

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