Bagging the “Gear of The Year” award from 50 Campfires, Lawson Hammock is one of the most reputed companies in the outdoor/camping industry and provides a quality, versatile, top-rated hybrid tent/camping hammock.

Raleigh, NC (December 10, 2015) - Offering the most reputable camping hammock on the market, Lawson Hammock bags the prestigious “Gear of The Year” award from 50 Campfires, the authority on camping products for outdoor enthusiasts. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock, made by Lawson Hammock Company has been rated #1 by leading publications BACKPACKER and Outside magazines. The patented arch pole and spreader bar system offers extreme comfort and versatility, eliminating the “cocoon” affect and also allowing for use on the ground as a tent, greatly increasing camping terrain options. The top quality, hybrid tent-hammock weighs only 4 pounds, and is low-impact, bug-free and water proof. A favorite with all types of campers, backpackers and those who love to travel, this award winning camping hammock comes with a money-back guarantee.

Having thousands of satisfied customers throughout the US and abroad, Lawson Hammock takes pride in the many positive reviews, accolades and awards they’ve received. The company continues to grow and expand rapidly within the US and internationally. Numerous top retailers including Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and currently carry their product, and others like L.L.Bean will begin carrying in 2016. Lawson Hammock is currently designing several other “hammock” related products and hopes to expand their offering in the near future. They also hope to have their unique tent-hammock added to the assortments of popular retailers such as REI, where customers frequently ask for Lawson Hammock by name.

The company’s product is low-impact and environment friendly. If used according to the instructions provided, it will not harm the trees and almost completely eliminates disturbance and destruction of under brush. The shipping is carbon neutral as their partner Verde Fulfillment purchases carbon offsets for shipments.

About Lawson Hammock:
Being awarded the “Gear of The Year” award, Lawson Hammock provides the best quality camping hammock and ensures carbon free shipment in association with Verde Fulfillment. Owner and entrepreneur, Wes Johnson was recently featured in the News & Observer (

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