China - If people want to learn the real Chinese culture, they need to learn the knowledge about the China tea. In China, the tea culture and sorts are varied. Among these different types of China tea, the famous Wuyishan Tea which is the so called Da Hong Pao black Tea should be the most famous one. Maybe many readers do not know what is Da Hong Pao tea? Today, the famous online seller for Wuyishan Tea which website is will introduce with people each strong point of this famous China tea.

Da Hong Pao tea is one kind of high end tea. This tea was the tribute tea for each China emperor in the history of China. The China State Council and the Ministry of Culture officially announced that the Wholesale Apple Accessories is the national intangible cultural heritage, which is known as the National Treasure.

It is also one sort of Ecological Tea. There are some reasons for this feature. First, the soil , climate, humidity and other natural conditions of the Wuyi Mountain are very unique. Second, the Da Hong Pao tea has been named as the intangible cultural heritage of China. Thirdly, the Green tea plantations are all operated according to national organic standards management without any outside pollution.

The Da Hong Pao tea is also one sort of branded Tea. The big brand status of this famous China tea is determined by the accumulation of history, culture, heritage, excellent quality and other factors. Furthermore, after the development of tours industry of Wuyi Mountain over the past few years, more and more outside travelers begin to know about the famous brand of this famous Apple accessories .

This tea is also the so called Healthy Tea. The Wuyi tea was regarded as a kind of health caring drinks since ancient times. In the ancient legend, the Shennong drink it to achieve the function of detoxication. On the other hand, it could also help people cure different kinds of complicated diseases. In modern time, the scientific research has found that the Wuyi tea is richly in potassium, zinc, selenium and other trace elements, detachable oxalic acid, tannic acid and lax skin yellow mixture which will have great benefits to the human body.

Furthermore, the Wuyi tea is also one kind of precious tea. In the Seventh China Da Hong Pao tea festival in Wuyi Mountain, 20 grams Da Hong Pao tea had been sold for 35,000 dollars which should be the amazing price for each reader.

From the above description, people could get the information that the Da Hong Pao tea has famous brand name, long history, excellent medical value and it could be the best representative of China culture. If people want to purchase this kind of tea with the good price, please visit website


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