It is not uncommon to hear that women love a man with ‘shredded abs’ or nice broad shoulders, however surveys have revealed an unlikely muscle group that gets a females attention. Forearms!

When you think about it forearms are the muscle group which most frequently visible. Though it is a commonly overlooked area when it comes to body building and body transformations the research has revealed that this is what women want!

So what makes forearms so desirable?

Many women explained that veins and a bit of bulk in the forearm area is what they want. “We like our men to look strong all over, and that includes a defined forearm” explains one of the survey participants.

So if you want to get a women’s attention it is time to add forearms to your exercise regime.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance forearms strength and definition is by using a hand gripping tool. Hand grippers fit into the palm of your hand and require a squeezing motion activating your hand, wrist and forearm.

However if you want to build the muscle group quickly a hand griper that provides a firmer and stronger resistance is recommended. After trialling and comparing a number of products we have discover that recent release Supreme Squeeze is the best product for this.  

Supreme Squeeze provides a strong resistance with a firm foam handle. The bonus workout also provide useful tips which will assist you in achieving the desired results sooner!

By using hand grippers such as the Supreme Squeeze for a few minutes each day you will notice the results in as little as two weeks not only with improved definition and veins but also the added grip strength and enhanced dexterity.

So the next time you want to get a special ladies attention while wearing nice clothes and cologne is important make sure your forearms won’t let you down!