Gone are the days when women were happy to just get a monthly manicure along with a hand massage. Now along with the regular manicures, the art of trendy nail designs is in vogue. If you get your manicures at a regular basis, then the nails look healthy and radiant. The professional touch also gives the extra care that your nails need. Then after the manicure, you can get different colors and designs painted on your nails. Nowadays the nail art is fast evolving and you can opt for anything ranging from prints and sophisticated glitters, to even crystals and any abstract art form. 

Nowadays the nails are used as a canvas where you can add some stickers of smiley faces, diamantes, and even dried flowers. Getting the professional look and finishing is not easy, and several techniques are used by the nail artist to get that perfect look. To get a proper look, acrylic nails are attached to the original nails. This is a benefit for those women who do not have long nails, or whose nails are chipped. To give a natural look to the nails, the nail artist polishes it and smoothens it out to give a natural look. There is a vast scope in the field of nail design ideas, and the artists use several things like decals that are water based to artificial gems. 

There are many innovative paints and designs available in some websites like http://eqlondon.com/ , and you can choose your nail art from there. You will be astonished to see the vast range of tools that are used by the nail art designers to give you the proper look. To get proper dots, the artists use sharp brushes. After that several coats of clear nail paint is applied on the nails, and the desired patterns or stripes are drawn on it with the help of a toothpick. When the nail paint is half way dry, then you can place the crystals or stars, whatever you wish. After this through air guns, paint is sprayed on the desired regions. A French manicure is important if you are opting for a bridal nail art. 

Some really cute nail designs can be picked from the galleries of nail art like the http://eqlondon.com/ . There are different categories of designs available in these galleries from where you can choose your designs. Some have easy guides that will help you to create your own nail art. Some galleries have exclusive pictures of the nail art by renowned designers, and you can paint it in your nails too. You can find different sites that display nail art nowadays. 


The concept of acrylic nail art is popular amongst women of all races and ethnicity. The idea of nail art is to make your nails look more attractive. If you want to look special on your D — Day, and have your nails co — ordinate with your dress, then nail art is the way to go. 


If you want an exclusive and trendy nail art today, then you can immediately get in touch with a good nail artist today. 

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