Today, the editor from website which is the best online seller for WOW CD Keys would dedicate all WOWER the super good news. The maker for the live action film which name is World of Warcraft has revealed in early June that the Legendary Pictures will official start shooting the film of the WOW at the first quarter of 2014. On the other hand, the officer from the company of WOW has also said that the associated details will be announced during the San Diego International animation Festival. The editor from website has also said that most of WOW fans are waiting for this film for a long time.

In the San Diego animation festival, the Blizzard has released the first concept trailer of World of Warcraft live action movie. Because people could not take photo or video on site and the WOW official does not allow the media take pictures. On the other hand, the official is not ready to make an announcement for this video so here people can only text quoted from the media. The editor from website which is the best online seller for Cheap CD Key would try him best to giving people the latest information about this film.

Currently, the Duncan Jones whose is the director of Source Code has been confirmed the director WOW CD Keys of the film of World of Warcraft. The Bill Westernhofer who has been served as visual effects supervisor of juvenile fantasy camp drifting has also accepted the invitation to participate the future film of World of Warcraft.

According to the domestic report from official website for World of Warcraft, the time of the live version of this film is only 30 seconds which contains the real and computer effects.

For the aspect of content, the video opening has shown the brilliant green sky and a ragged man who had dressed in armor has walking in suspected Hellfire Peninsula desert. Subsequently, he drank a bottle of water and extracted a two-edged sword from his back. The sword hilt was covered with leading sign.

The editor from website has also told people that the Knight has looked around Guild Wars 2 CD Key the surrounding and he has saw not far from a dead soldier and the armor of this soldier has only left pile of bones. He walked over there and picked up Union shield which one side has decorated with a lion emblem and then this knight has hit the shield with a sword. At this point the lens zooms out, the screen has been appeared a Green Paper orcs. This ORC has taken a huge hammer hand. They both rushed over to each other and then it has followed by a LOGO of the living action of World of Warcraft.