BERLIN — The new Nike shoes LEBRON 11 has firstly applied the Nike Hyperposite innovative technology which should be the most advanced protective equipment for the famous basketball player whose name is LEBRON James. However, if people want to own one pair of such kind of Nike basketball shoes, they could browse the website which is the best online seller for Nike Free Run and Billiga Nike Free.

The well-known NBA basketball player whose name is LEBRON JAMES is the excellent NBA star who is specialized in fast running, jumping, dunk, shoot and ball pass. The jump height, weight and speed of LEBRON JAMES is very shocking and it likes the Superman. Correspondingly, this kind of sport performance has shown people that LEBRON JAMES requires the basketball shoe which needs the revolutionary protective properties, property parcels and responsiveness performance. However, the feature of the LEBRON 11 could meet all of these demands.

The technology of Nike Hyperposite has already given the surface of the basketball shoes the Nike Free breakthrough definition. The shoe surface of the LEBRON 11 could not only perfectly wrapping people’s foot but also it could maintain the flexibility of the foot and perception. The application of the Hyperfuse construction could also let this shoe present wireless mark for a variety of materials on the upper of shoe and seamless combination of them. This natural feature could also be shown on other kinds of Nike shoes such as Nike Free Run.

The upgraded version of the Foamposite technology could allows the LEBRON 11 has a smaller size and lighter weight. There are also advantages such as the thickening processing for the key contacted points and the ultra-thin surface. In a word, these advantages could make the Nike Hyperposite provide ultimate support with James’ innovative technology equipment. However, the Nike shoes such as Nike Air Max should be the best choice for almost every people who want to have good experience in their sport process.

On the other hand, the color of LEBRON 11 is also the good collocation for Nike Hyperposite technology and dynamic fly line technology. The special gradient red represents the aggregation of heat. This color design could highly enhance people’s exciting feeling for the basketball match.

From the official report, this new Nike shoes would be released on November 1 of this year. This should be the Billiga Nike Free good news for all of people who like the basketball playing. If people want to have one pair of this shoes or Nike Free Run, they could browse the website

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