There is a new place to buy your oil and gas data, and it’s immediate delivery system and the amount of oil and gas related layers make it unique. Welcome to the world getting your data straight away with US Land Grid .

At US Land Grid they have encorporated on all in one oil and gas data model. It sounds like a lot, but it’s important when working with GIS data. Creating GIS data based on a standard data model across the spectrum of data offerings is a challenging job.

Over the last few months US Land Grid have been working hard to produce a standard data model for GIS datasets. This means that the landgrid, the Texas Survey data, the tax parcels or surface ownership data, and the oil and gas wells all inherently belong to that standard data model. This is going to make it easier for you, the GIS consumer, to use and relate the data within your software platform, or multiple GIS / mapping platforms.

US Land Grid now has a complete list of Oklahoma Tax Parcels and Surface Ownership data — — ready for download. Each county of tax ownership data includes the polygon, and a set of attributes that include PIN, Owner Name, Property Value, etc.

For $250 a county of parcels, it’s pretty cheap.
Their Oklahoma tax parcels are updated yearly.

As with all their data, and specifically what makes their GIS data so special, the surface ownership attributes follow the US Land Grid Data Model. This means that the attribute table follows and is populated by the same attirbutes you will find in our land grid data and our oil and gas wells — making it easier for you to work with all the datasets.

By providing a robust GIS data library focused in core U.S. resource play regions, US Land Grid’s surface ownership information helps organizations improve planning and routing decisions and operations, increase land research productivity, and decrease data collection and field research costs.

Focused on the importance of immediate information to land data, US Land Grid directly serves of the U.S. energy industry by continually improving the quality of the data and expanding its coverage based on drilling and leasing activity.


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