October 9, 2015

(London, UK) ZEVO TV, a music video and news network is set for their re-launch with their new distribution platform. ZEVO TV is one of the largest hubs for new music, and one of the top picks for video and media distribution in hip hop.

The ZEVO network is home to thousands of music videos around the world. ZEVO produces original content as well as syndicated materials such as music videos, news, original series, and web based shows. With the revolution of online and web streaming, the network also launched  ZEVOTV.COM streaming all the latest music videos daily.

The ZEVO network also holds thousands of artists who share their material through the network, creating one of the most exciting platforms for new artists. It’s established itself as a media outlet that has allowed artists a new way to share their music with the world. The network is not only for new artists, but anyone who wishes to share their music in an environment that lets the artists have control.

ZEVO TV’s goal is to shed a spotlight on the new break-through musicians who wish to be seen by executives, as well as other artists interested in collaborative work. It will create a network of artists who truly appreciate music as an art form.

The network will serve dozens of countries through all seven continents with focus on Europe, Africa and South America. Viewers of the network can easily access the latest music videos, artist profiles and content through our enhanced database of exclusive and syndicated content.

Subscriptions to ZEVO will also be free to the general public, which they can get online at zevotv.com/subscribe if they decide to get updates when new videos and content releases on any ZEVO channels.

Company Name: ZEVO TV
Contact Name: Chris Edwards
Phone: +44 20 8944 0832
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.zevotv.com
London, United Kingdom