The innovative systems of SCiNet & WTS Corporation and the huge market of the 4.7 Billion people have the purchasing power of 3.7 billion euro per day! From a technological standpoint, this system is unique in the global arena. It is aimed at solving the most basic problem: the survival of millions of human beings.

72% of the world population is considered ´poor‘, but a recent study prepared by The World Resources Institute reveals that 4.7 billion people have the purchasing power of 3.7 billion euro per day! The title of the report reads ´The Next 4 Billion‘ (the next four billion: business strategy and market at the base of the pyramid).

SCiNet & WTS Corporation is installing new assembly workshops in different regions worldwide. The Mini-plant system is designed in such a way that all the production machinery is fixed on the platform of the container, with all wiring, piping and installation parts. The Mini-plant is fully equipped and ready for production. More than 700 portable production systems will be available: Bakeries, Steel Nails, Welding Electrodes, Tire Retreading, Reinforcement Bar Bending for Construction Framework, Sheeting for Roofing Ceilings and Façades, Plated Drums, Aluminum Buckets, Injected Polypropylene Housewares, Pressed Melamine Items (Glasses, Cups, Plates, Mugs, etc.), Mufflers Electrically Welded Mesh, Plastic Bags and Packaging, Medical assistance mobile units, Sanitary Material, Hypodermic Syringes, Hemostatic Clamps, etc.

The production mini-plants in mobile containers comprise the only system in the world that can supply up to 6 basic necessity articles at a price as low as one dollar per day.

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