[[August 3 2015, Tampa FL]]—PowerShot the next generation of energy product is a stick pack of powder that gives the user an instant boost of energy due to the active ingredients in the dissolvable powder entering the system through the lining of the mouth, much faster than a liquid ever could.

PowerShot - the inaugural product of ground breaking nutrition company Nautilus Nutritional’s - is an energy boosting blend of natural caffeine from Guarana mixed with superfoods such as Acai and coconut water powder to create a dissolvable powder that when taken provides an almost instant boost of energy.

The next generation of energy product provides a blend of nutrient dense ingredients, essential vitamins and is sugar free — allowing almost anyone who needs some extra energy to be able to use PowerShot.

Nautilus Nutritional’s have discovered that a natural energy boost in the form of a powder islonger lasting and more effective than a caffeine and sugar filled drink.

PowerShot is now available to pre-order on Indiegogo as the company turn to the crowdfunding platform that hosted the highest grossing crowdfunding campaign ever ‘Flow Hive’ to raise the investment needed to market and distribute the product across the US and Canada.

Greg Gomez, Founder of Nautilus Nutritionals and the creator of PowerShot said, “We all get tired and need that extra boost of energy, but the energy products currently available on the supermarket shelves just don’t seem to have evolved….apart from the foul taste and the endless trips to the bathroom they were just too unhealthy andI felt it didn’t have to be that way.
So I did some investigation, found a great nutritional products partner and came up with PowerShot which is a pleasant orange tasting dissolvable powder in a stick pack so it’s convenient, quick and easy to take and boosts energy immediately.”

PowerShot truly is the next generation of energy product as it’s also great at curing hangovers. Many of the original taste testers stated in their reviews that when they had taken a PowerShot before a big night out or on a long gaming binge they had absolutely no hangover the following day. Needless to say, PowerShot already has an evolving fan base.

PowerShot is great for Vegan’s, diabetics and Coeliac as all the ingredients are plant based, natural and organic. So, if you want to try PowerShot, simply pre-order a 1 week trial, or even a 3 month supply and receive some great perks in the process including Xbox Gold annual membership and wireless headset or take a scuba dive in Floridathese and more perks are all available now live on Indiegogo(http://igg.me/at/PowerShotEnergy/x/6962196).

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