USA - According to the report of U.S. entertainment gossip website which name is TMZ8 on May 12, the former NFL star Shown Johnson has recently moved out of his mansion location in the city of Kara Beth. However, he has also said that the reason for why he wants to change his location of his home is not his trying to escape from his terrible neighbor Justin Bieber. On the other hand, he wants to let his work become much more convenience. The NFL is the most popular sport match in USA. The most symbolic sign of this NFL game is the typical NFL WHOLESALE JERSEYS. If people want to purchase the high quality WHOLESALE NFL JERSEYS, they could browse the website which is the best online seller for the WHOLESALE JERSEYS.

According to the information from some insiders, Johnson will be moved to the school where he would have his teach working. On the other hand, his son will have his new school course at this school at the autumn season in this year. This school which has been named as Mission Viejo has been located in Orange County of California. Johnson will be employed as the receiver at this school¡¯s NFL team. At the same time, his son will also train with him. If people want have one set of famous star¡¯s NFL WHOLESALE JERSEYS, they could simply check the website which has been listed before.

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It has been understood that Johnson¡¯s old mansion which area is 11,746 square feet has been sold for 8.5 million dollar in the market. On the other hand, his new home which is also one mansion has also been confirmed. Johnson has also said that he would be back to his old city when his terrible neighborhood whose name is Justin had been moved out of his old city. This is the most interesting news in the NFL area.

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