Shanghai - According to the survey of Shanghai apartment agency which website is , this year's renting price for aggregated renting house of urban sites is 1,000 RMB in the graduation season. The renting fee for the single person room should be 2,000 RMB. The renting price of the single-person household should be 2200 tp 2300 RMB. The renting fee for two-room suite is 3,000 RMB. On the other hand, the three-room Shanghai apartment is from 4000 to 5000 RMB. However, the new high-rise apartment could be appended for 1000 to 2000 RMB. From the description about the renting price of apartments in Shanghai, most of graduated students should pay more attention to the choosing for their suitable renting house in Shanghai.

Among these graduated students, there are also some foreign students from other countries who choose to stay in Shanghai. In that kind of situation, all of these students from other countries could also need to rent house in Shanghai. So, they also need to consider the price of these renting houses.

In the end of May and early of June, the number of renting of foreign students has shanghai apartment for rent already risen to 50 percent to 70 percent compared with the previous months. For example, if the number of transactions for house renting among first two months is one to two, the number of the first two weeks of June has already reached to four suites. The sales from real estate company which is Maxview Realty has said that there will be a lot of foreign students come to then for renting of Shanghai apartment in every year¡¯s graduation season. Almost all of these students are willing to work in Shanghai.

On the other hand, the reporter from Maxview Realty which is the famous agency for rent apartment Shanghai has learned that the number of the foreign students has had great increasing. The Shanghai real estate agent has said that the foreign students for renting are mainly the people from Japan, Australia and Russia. In this year, the country scale of these students has also been extended to Iceland, Italy and other European countries. These students would prefer to hold together by their own nationality. Many students from the same country would prefer to rent Shanghai apartment together..

According to the relevant research of Shanghai real estate which name is Maxview Realty, consumer enthusiasm apartment in Shanghai for the purchasing of Shanghai apartment at the second quarter of this year has had great increasing. On the other hand, the housing renting in Shanghai has also had great expanding. If people want to rent one set of suitable renting house in Shanghai, the renting Shanghai real estate agency which name is Maxview Realty should be their first choice.

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