Located on a 33-acre film and tv production campus in Atlanta, Georgia, EUE/Screen Gems provides more than you would think. With a -30% movie and tv tax credit and an extra 10% uplift, EUE/ Screen Gems studios in Atlanta remains an inexpensive yet highly innovative production studio. The Atlanta studios are as near as it gets to Los Angeles minus the overbearing Hollywood costs. Along with lovely Spanish Mission Style architecture, the ease of access of this production place is embellished further by its central location, only 5 miles away from downtown Atlanta and six miles away from the country's busiest airport terminal. "The actors like to be near the city," said Kris Bagwell, executive vice president for the studio. "The executives like to be near the airport." It boasts numerous filming locations that range from mountain settings, to flatlands and ocean landscapes.

There are five stages on location, that together equal to a total of more than 130,000 square feet of column-free stage space. Stage 5, the 3rd largest stage east of California, has an incredible 37,500 sq. ft. of production space. EUE/Screen Gems Studios located in Atlanta boasts the very best structure in Georgia. With its own lighting and grip inventory, EUE/ Screen Gems provides consulting services as well as related equipment for movie and television productions on the lot as well as on location, up and down the East Coast. The hands-on understanding of both staff and producer goals have won EUE/Screen Gems in Atlanta a good reputation as a distinctive and cost effective boutique lighting and grip company.

The 27,000 sq. ft. of office production space adds to the illustrious structure of the campus. The 5 huge production suites include office furnishings, heating, air conditioning, cleaning service, routine maintenance, 24-hour access plus ample parking. Customized digital phone systems as well as wireless Internet also are available. Facilities available consist of conference rooms, hair and makeup, wardrobe areas, stockroom space, and also truck and trailer parking that has easy in and out access. EUE/Screen Gems in Atlanta is made up of more than 2,500 outstanding local crew along with an Atlanta production culture that knows, understands and is dedicated to servicing the makers of feature movie, tv, as well as commercials.

Having just recently been built, the studios in Atlanta are only a fragment of what is EUE/ Screen Gems. For nearly 6 decades, EUE/ Screen Gems has had a long yet good reputation of creating movie, television, as well as commercial projects of the finest caliber and hopes to keep its long line of success in Atlanta. With new shows like USA's "Unnecessary Roughness", BET's "Sunday's Best" and "The Game," EUE/ Screen Gems hopes to broaden its productions and make the most from its ideal studio in Atlanta.

EUE/Screen Gems in Atlanta has a good future having its favorable location as well as ideal amenities. Chris Cooney, COO of EUE/Screen Gems, said "Atlanta offers an urban location with good airport access to and from Los Angeles and a film-friendly incentive situation." Completely equipped with new studio space as well as a sprawling campus, EUE/Screen Gems in Atlanta, Georgia is any film maker's finest sound stage choice.

Click here are soundproof, hangar-like structures utilized for film as well as TV productions. Additionally, click here make it a lot easier for the production staff to design as well as build the sets to be used.