Punta Gorda, Florida; 03, December 2014: Hailing from New England, The Oldzkool Band captivates its listeners with a unique blend of classic American music genres fused with modern pop music sensibility. Their name itself offers truth in advertising, depicting a band that gives listeners the opportunity to view classic music through a modern lens. Written and performed by experienced musicians, the music of The Oldzkool Band is truly organic, and only reveals its timeliness through its crisp sound and brilliant engineering. Spanning countless genres seamlessly, each song offers a different vibe, while maintaining its overall air of positivity. 

Recorded in TRIAD Wave Cave studio in Bedford, Maryland, their latest album “Afterzkool” is a collection of 17 diverse tracks, each with its own unique message. Working with legendary producer Phil Greene, The Oldzkool Band has created a timeless album sure to be appreciated by lovers of both new and old school art. The live nature of the recording captures the roots of American music, giving listeners the chance to become acquainted with classic conventions, while maintaining the palatability of modern engineering. 

Confident that their music will grace a number of radio outlets, the tracks “Smoothette” and “Bossa Nuevo” are sure to become the next installments in the evolution of modern jazz, while “Slow Burn” and “Talkin’ Bout Time” have the avant-garde feel of a Tarantino film. Each track possesses a rich overlay of American blues, giving the entire album a cohesive feel throughout, perfectly complementing its ability to deviate genres, tempo, and lyrical content. 

Available on CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and other online music outlets, “Afterzkool” brilliantly builds upon the success of the “Ray Renzi Project”, giving listeners a brand new view of the music that helped define the music industry. For more information on The Oldzkool Band and to see live performances, check out their website at http://www.theoldzkoolband.com 

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