(Free Press Release) Ortonville MI, March 8, 2010 - The PerfectCampfire Grill,â„¢ a line of high-quality, steel-constructed campfire grills not only allows for campfire cooking, but is ideal for traveling. The campfire grill comes a variety of sizes so everyone can find the product that best fits their campfire cooking needs. The Perfect Campfire Grill features the patented one-inch raised edge that allows the cook to place food right to the edge of the rack & prevent food from rolling into the campfire or on the ground.

Original - Perfect CampfireGrill,â„¢ (suggested retail price: $59.90) launched in 2005, the Original provides a large 20 by 25-inch grilling surface. A two piece stake design makes this model a large outdoor portable campfire grill. Use this grill with grilling planks & have plenty of additional campfire grilling space. The Original model campfire grill includes FREE hot pad & glove & carrying tote.

Pioneer - Perfect CampfireGrillâ„¢ (suggested retail price: $39.90) Launched in 2006 the Pioneer provides a sizable 18-inch diameter grilling surface. A two piece stake design makes this model a very portable outdoor grill. It‘s large enough for weekend getaways and family outings and easily packed into smaller vehicles. The Pioneer model campfire grill includes FREE hot pad & glove & carrying tote.

Explorer Perfect CampfireGrillâ„¢ ( suggested retail price: $27.90) Launched in 2006 the Explorer provides a sizable 12 by 18 inches of grilling surface. With its sliding & adjustable folding legs, the Explorer open pit barbecue grill can be set up at any barbecue pit, on the beach, in rocky terrain, or a conventional campsite. When its legs are folded, its 1 ½ inch thickness makes it a very portable grill. The Explorer model campfire grill includes FREE hot pad & glove & carrying tote.

Rebel The Perfect CampfireGrill (suggested retail price: $29.90) Launched in 2006 the Rebel grill can be used as a campfire grill or charcoal grill. The charcoal pan under the grill rack enables grilling where campfires may not be permitted. At 10 by 12 inches, the Rebel grill may be the smallest of outdoor portable grill products available. It‘s perfect for biker‘s saddlebag. The Rebel outdoor grills come with FREE carrying tote.

“The diversity of the campfire cooking & outdoor portable grill market calls for a variety of products for different lifestyles,” said Jeffrey D. Walker, president and founder of CampfireGrill LLC, which owns The Perfect CampfireGrillâ„¢ brand. Many of our customers want grills & accessories that can easily travel. We are excited about our line and listen to our customers in developing additional products to further enhance the camping cooking equipment and campfire grilling experience.”

About CampfireGrill
CampfireGrill sells a growing line of high-quality, steel constructed campfire grills throughout the United States. The outdoor grills can be found at a variety of outdoor retailers, as well as online at www.campfiregrill.com. All of the campfire grills feature a unique one-inch raised edge that prevents food from rolling into the campfire, and comes with its own easy-to-clean nylon carrying case. For more information about the campfire cooking equipment please visit http//www.campfiregrill.com or email [email protected]